My art practice has evolved with the act of self-reflection with focus on the constructs of my persona and shadow aspects of self,  exploring social issues, and finding freedom within self-expression. Speaking with a subjective perspective, and relating directly to women’s stories, my most recent works create a visual dialogue which gives voice to the voiceless. 


From the moment I could hold my body up I danced, I was encouraged by my family to find freedom within my expression of creativity. This has enabled me to understand form, shapes and movement within the arts from an expressive and abstract point of view. Today I find the performative arts space a place where I explore body memory, play and freedom. Pushing my comfort in understanding the constructs of an image brings me to oil painting as the medium I work in continuously - and where my finding from other forms of arts feeds back into.  I have found that each medium allows another element to come forward and reverberate into the public's sphere. My journey in the arts has been open to finding a voice within the experimental arts, where I enjoy creating videos which directly relate to social issues as my point of reference.

Personal experiences have taken me on a path to a position of an activist for women’s rights. I have seen that it is my responsibility to expose visions which hold the ability to impact social change for the better. My work has been seen extensively across the globe in exhibitions such as Language of The Voiceless (2018) at the renowned Woman Made Gallery, Chicago USA, and awards including The Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Prize (2015), London UK. My studio space has transformed between artist studios, bedrooms, the women’s shelter (2017), Icelandic prison (2018), and artists in residences. I have worked on projects at residencies in London, Berlin, Mtskheta and across Iceland at numerous AIR programs. My work is held in collections with Mine Sanat Gallerisi, Turkey, at The National Parliament Library, Tbilisi Georgia, and the Gallery City Museum of Aveiro, Portugal.