Nara Walker’s work has been viewed extensively across the globe in exhibitions such as Language of The Voiceless (2018) at the renowned Woman Made Gallery, Chicago USA, and awards including The Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Prize (2015), London UK. Her drive to create has meant that her studio space has transformed between artist studios, bedrooms, the women’s shelter (2017), Icelandic prison (2018), and artist residencies. These residencies were held in London, Berlin, Mtskheta, and at many locations in Iceland. Mine Sanat Gallerisi (Turkey) held their first international artists’ exhibition inviting Nara to exhibit her solo show Beauty Amongst Chaos in 2016. Her paintings and performance were embraced by Turkey as her name and art were spread across all of the main newspapers, including the front page of Milliyet. Mine Sanat Gallerisi holds her work in their gallery collection, as does The National Parliament Library in Tbilisi Georgia, and the Gallery City Museum of Aveiro, Portugal.


Growing up I found solace in building sculptures, dance and painting. My main studies (BFA) at Griffith University grew my art practice in the form of oil painting. During my Honours year (2013) video art, photography, and blurring the lines between mediums allowed me to draw closer to the true freedom in the act of creating as I was able to learn from each medium. In 2015 I performed for the first time in my live art performance “Hair Pull” at the Venice Biennale, in the same evening, I performed “Energy String” at a second location - at the Venice Art House (official program). These two performances have inevitably encouraged me to continue exploring the performative arts, today I am interested in transferring the language of body memory through my performances. As a woman, I feel that all that we do becomes somewhat political - as we are a part of the term “other”. In 2017 I was arrested for defending myself against my abusive husband (Iceland), the path to be heard within the system is continuously seen within my works of art as my creations have followed a subjective perspective. In so my voice adds to the narrative that is “women’s stories”.