Nara Walker was born in 1990 in Australia; she works as a multidisciplinary artist. Audiences have been plentiful and from across the globe, exhibiting at renowned galleries such as 'Woman Made Gallery' (USA), 'Mine Sanat Galerisi' (Turkey); with her work held in collections including 'The National Parliament Library of Tbilisi' (Georgia); and as a finalist in awards including 'The Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize' (the UK, 2015). Walker's work explores the rawness of being a woman by exerting social dynamics, engaging the viewer with an experience where personal perspective conjures the inner world to become an essence of tactility. Her work is purely driven by life experience, which has seen Walker's major studies in painting at Griffith University (BFA Honours, Australia) move towards embracing her ability to move as one with art and life. With this in mind, Walker's first appearance as a performance artist was during the Venice Biennale (2015).


The philosophy behind Walker's work is attributed to her diverse upbringing and lived experiences which have seen her become an advocate for women's rights during ongoing personal struggles within the Icelandic justice system -  which to date sees a case titled 'Nara vs Iceland' at the European Court of Human Rights.