Nara Walker was born in Queensland, Australia in 1990.


Public collections include Mine Sanat Galerisi, Turkey; City Museum of Aveiro, Portugal; and Georgia's National Parliament Library.


Finalist awards; The Ruth Borchard Self- Portrait Prize 2015; Piano Nobile Kings Place, London; Summer Art Award (2015), Lacey Contemporary, London; SeeMe award (2015), Scope Art Miami; Art In The Hills (2015), Oakhill College Sydney; and Create Art Award (2009) as the winner, Sunshine Coast Australia. Shortlist awards; Jackson Art Prize (2016) London; and Blooom Award (2015, 2016, 2018) Cologne.

Solo shows consist of 'Found Distortions-Body Print' (2017), Kliq Gallery, Hong Kong; 'New Paintings' (2017), Das Giftraum Berlin; 'Beauty Amongst Chaos' (2016), Mine Sanat Galerisi, Palmarina Bodrum; 'AIR Nara Walker' (2014), Juxtaposed Gallery, London; 'Suggestive Gestures' (2014), Woolloongabba Art Gallery Brisbane.


Walker was an Artist in Residence at Fellini Gallery Berlin in August 2017, Paint For Georgia May 2016 and Juxtaposed Gallery London in August 2014.

Selected group shows; 'Endangered Bodies - Representing and Policing the body in Western Culture' (2018),  International conference and art exhibition, University of Lisbon, Portugal; 'Language of The Voiceless' (2018), Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, USA;  'Eminent Domain' (2018), ART511 Magazine, Former Robert Miller Gallery, New York, USA;  'Affordable Art Fair' (2018), represented by The Gallery Eumundi, Singapore;  'Affordable Art Fair' (2017/18), represented by The Gallery Eumundi, Hong Kong; 'Asia Contemporary Art Show' (2017), Represented by The Gallery Eumundi, Singapore and Hong Kong (Spring and Autumn); 'Clarity of Chaos' (2017), On Art Gallery Firenze, Florence; 'The Heart Beat of Mother Earth' (2016), Onishi Gallery; NYC, 'Hair Pull live performance', 4Bid, OT301, The Netherlands; 'Protecht' (2015), The Bank Space Gallery CASS, London; and 'Energy String-Live Performance', Memories of Self at the Self Festival (2015), Official Venice Biennale program, It's Liquid Group, Venice Art House.

Notable Publications include; 'Introducing Nara Walker', Emerging Art, WITP, Brogue Magazine (2017), 'Vücuduyla resim yapiyor', Milliyet (2016), Radio1.GE, radio interview, Paint for Georgia Art Festival (2016), 'Sürunerek Yerde Harikalar Varativor', Hürriyet newspaper (2016), 'Seduction Through Painting in Nara Walker's Practice', Chrom Art (2016), 'Artist Interview', LandEscape Magazine 7th Edition (2015) and 'The Emerging Issue, The QCA School', Art Monthly Australia (2013, Rex Butler).

Walker holds a BFA (Hons), QCA Griffith University Queensland Australia and currently holds residence in Reykjavik Iceland, Brisbane Australia and London UK.


My art practice includes a number of materials. Each medium engaging with a different perspective. In February 2014 I graduated from a BFA Honours, Griffith University, Australia. Focussing on representing the sexual body, I found that my work was driven by my lust for the space that the subconscious mind and physical body meet.

Being predominantly an expressive painter I began experimenting with using my body to make marks. This led me to experiment with multimedia works where I combined photographs, perspex and oil paint. With the focus on mark making and the form of the body my inspiration for video art was evoked. I found using photographic images and my body allowed me to bring attention to women's issues with multiple viewpoints.

In 2014 my work began to evolve by including live performances. I have performed in Amsterdam, Yalikavak, Hong Kong, London, Berlin and as a part of the official Venice Biennale program. To date my work has shown in 11 countries, with public collections in Turkey, Portugal and Georgia.

In August 2017 I spent a month in Berlin in an artist in residence at Fellini Gallery and undergoing an intense workshop with Motimaru Dance Company. During this time I created a performance inspired by domestic violence encompassed by body memory and emotional experiences.

With the subject of domestic violence shadowing my thoughts, continuing to delve deeper into my personal life. In an attempted to flee my abusive husband. He inflicted serious injuries including internal bruising, a sprained spine, chest injuries and a fractured rib. Whist he held me against my will he forced himself into me, with a defence reaction I left him with the tip of his tongue severed. Deemed guilty within my own defence, I am an artist combating women's rights.


With a recent conviction and prison time in Iceland. The work I have been creating over the past 19 months reflects on my detention on this Island and the on going battle for freedom through a system. I have now taken my case to the European Court of Human Rights. 


My work is encouraged by my personal story which has seen over 43000 signatures worldwide give voice to it. Producing works in different mediums allows me to fully express the inner angst of being.