Energy String 2015



Mapping relationships through memory and energy.



We are all connected, some more so than others. This work has been inspired by those moments unspoken. The moments you share with another even when apart. The work Energy String has been created to document the process of creating a tactile object which captures the connection I feel between my partner and I.


Within it's fabric from each time it passes through our fingers and across our skin the wool becomes an object capturing that energy. The final piece exhibiting a space for the absent body. Resembling the space shared between our two bodies that were there before.


Energy String aims to engage the viewer into a personal space. This personal space is of importance today as through our constant flux to be connected via technology we should remember how connected we truly are.


Within the time spent moving the thread no words are spoken, emotions are evoked and something more is shared. The wool rubbing and pulling us closer captured on film and then the hanging object upon the wall maps a visual and tactile element.


Each line of string has been placed around the body. Touching one another's flesh and connecting the two as one. The work has labour and no time was set to finish the film which takes a total of 19:47 minutes. The film adjusts colours when there are obvious changes in the build up of the wool. Capturing moments that are natural and undirected the work aims to engage the viewer into the theory of 'energy strings' connection one another.


Images: 2015 Memories of Self, Self Festival, Energy String-Live Performance, Official Venice Biennale program, It's Liquid Group, Venice Art House, Venice Italy

Film 19:47 minutes and

Sculpture piece- wool yarn